Concept Transportation Strategy

The aim of the project is to create more effective regional transportation policies and strategies to aid regional development. It will do this through:

  • Disseminating effective, sustainable transport policy and good practice between regions
  • Informing communities and businesses of relevant regional, national and European transport policy and discussing its application at a regional level
  • Bringing the lessons learnt to the attention of a wider audience, including authorities at a national and European level
  • Learning about transportation strategy development in other regions

The project's sub-objectives are:

  • To create stronger regional transportation strategies that more effectively aid regional development
  • To ensure improved transportation strategies by implementing good practice in engaging a wider audience
  • To facilitate the development of networks of similar interests between regions
  • To identify European funds suitable for transportation projects and disseminate means of accessing them
  • To provide a means for regional transportation issues to be presented at higher levels of government
  • To ensure more sustainable transport strategies by taking greater account of environmental concerns