Council budget 2020/21

As part of our budget planning for 2020/21 we launched a budget simulator, an online tool which will help the people of Aberdeenshire have their say in setting our budget.


How will you balance council's budget

The simulator shows what the council expects to get in terms of funding and a range of services that we need to deliver with that money. You can use the tool to allocate money to services and set/balance their own budget.

In principle it sounds simple, but it may not be. There is a difference between the money that the council expects to get in and the cost of delivering services. So if you want to add money to a service, you will need to take some away elsewhere. Protecting areas might result in a need to put up Council Tax or add other income.


Take the budget challenge

The tool is open for completions until 20th October 2019, and any Aberdeenshire resident can take part and attempt to set a balanced budget.

This will tell everyone involved in budget decisions a lot about what matters to you. The results will be considered at a full council meeting in November 2019.

Set council's budget